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Resident Evil The Final Chapter: Will Evil Finally Be A Resident?

Her name is Alice, and she's been fighting against the Umbrella Corporation all her life. It's been 10 years since the first T-Virus outbreak in the fictional Racoon City and Alice & friends look about done to wrap up this whole Umbrella fiasco & dealing with the undead (well, actually mutated humans). We revisit her journey thus far in preparations of The Final Chapter infecting our cinemas this week.

The first Resident Evil movie introduced the infamous Umbrella Corporation, who operates a secret genetic research facility codenamed The Hive deep beneath Raccoon City. Their product, the T-Virus, was accidentally released into the facility triggering The Red Queen, The Hive's Artificial Intelligence, to seal and kill everything living in the underground facility to ensure the virus does not spread to the surface. The T-Virus reanimates infected beings into undead monsters more typically termed "zombies". These living dead includes humans as well as animals!

Our heroine, Alice (Milla Jovovich), wakes up amidst the crisis with no memory of her identity. Throughout the film Alice experiences flashbacks of her memories as a former Umbrella security operative. She is conscripted into the commando task force sent into The Hive to investigate. All too soon they find themselves fighting for their lives against hordes of zombies. Among the commandos is Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) who almost survives the mission. After the final confrontation with a nasty Licker creature, Alice is captured by Umbrella Corporation and wakes up later at an abandoned hospital in Raccoon City. End movie 1 cliffhanger...

Resident Evil (2002) Trailer:

All roads leading to and from Raccoon City has been sealed in attempt to contain the T-virus outbreak. Alice wakes from her coma in the abandoned city and soon rescues Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) from a bunch of Lickers in a church, exhibiting superhuman strength and agility gained form Umbrella's experimentation.

In exchange for rescuing the daughter of a top Umbrella Corporation scientist, Alice's team is led to an evacuation helicopter but are confronted by an uber-zombie Nemesis. In the ensuing fight, Alice discovers Nemesis is a mutated friend from her escape from The Hive. They team-up briefly against Umbrella forces before Alice escapes onboard a helicopter. Unfortunately, their flight is caught in the nuclear blast shockwave used to cleanse Raccoon City of the infection, which is later covered up as a nuclear plant explosion. The helicopter crashes with Alice apparently killed.

However Alice awakens once again later very much alive at another Umbrella facility and is introduced to Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen). She soon fights her way out and is timely rescued by Jill & Co. Isaacs lets them escape stating "Project Alice activated"...

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) Trailer:

In the 3rd Resident Evil movie Extinction, the world has been engulfed by the T-Virus and Umbrella develops Alice clones in hopes to find one that displays Alice's superhuman abilities, which now includes telekinesis. Alice roams the country hoping to find survivors and comes into contact with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), who is leading a group of survivors across the Nevada desert. Their convoy heads for Las Vegas to gather supplies for their long journey to Arcadia in Alaska, which is thought to be a safe haven.

In Las Vegas they are ambushed by super zombies deployed by Dr. Isaacs, killing most of the convoy. During the fight, Dr. Isaacs becomes infected but escapes to an underground Umbrella facility. He begins injecting himself with large doses of anti-virus, mutating into a monstrous Tyrant and then killing Umbrella employees in the facility.

Alice tracks Isaacs to the Umbrella facility and meets the White Queen, the Red Queen's sister A.I., who informs that Alice may hold the cure for the T-virus in her blood. Alice battles the monstrous Isaacs and defeats him with the help of her clone. This chapter ends with a more hopeful note: Alice threatening the new Umbrella chairman, Albert Wesker (Jason O'Mara), amidst a potential army of her clones. Girl power!

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Trailer:

Afterlife picks up after Exinction with Alice and her clones attacking the Umbrella Headquarters in Tokyo. Wesker escapes and destroys the facility, wiping out all the clones except for the original Alice tailing him aboard his helicopter. During the tussle, Wesker injects Alice with a serum removing her superhuman abilities. Only Alice appears to have survived the helicopter crash.

After failing to find more survivors of the Apocalypse, Alice heads towards the Arcadia. She meets up with Claire and they head to Los Angeles to seek the Arcadia, a cargo tanker. They hook up with other survivors including Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller). Escaping a massive horde of zombies, Alice and the Redfields make it to Arcadia and discover it's an Umbrella ruse to capture human survivors for experimentation.

They also discover Wesker very much alive (no surprise really!) thanks to a mutation of the T-virus which grants him superhuman abilities. A battle royale ensues with Wesker escaping abroad an aircraft. The trio intent to convert Arcadia into a true haven for survivors but is shortly assaulted by a fleet of Umbrella gunships, seemingly led by Jill Valentine. Plot twist!

Released in 2010, Afterlife was marketed as a showcase of 3D cinema experience.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Trailer:

Following immediately to the cliffhanger of Afterlife, Retribution kicks off with the gunships invasion of Arcadia (in glorious 3D) where Alice is once again captured by Umbrella.

Alice wakes up later in yet another underground Umbrella facility interrogated by Jill Valentine. She soon escapes her cell during a power failure and encounters Ada Wong (Li Bing Bing) who works for Wesker. The Red Queen has taken control of Umbrella and making human clones for simulating virus outbreaks in replica cities from around the world. Alice and Ada then make their way through the various cityscapes battling Umbrella forces and zombies hordes whilst picking up stragglers like a clone of Rain Ocampa, and Alice's simulated daughter, Becky. Meanwhile a rescue team with Leon Kennedy (Johann Urb) met their way down to rendezvous with Alice and subsequently destroy the Umbrella facility.

The final battles takes place on the icy surface between Alice and mind-controlled Jill, as well as an evil Rain clone. The good guys survive, with some casualties, and are taken to Wesker's headquarters in the former White House, Washington D.C.. It's apparently humanity's last stand as the Red Queen sends hordes of T-virus abominations to wipe them out. What a cliffhanger!

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Trailer:

Alright so if you didn't quite get all that because reading ain't your cup to tea, then listen to Milla herself recount all 5 movies:

#ResidentEvilMovie 101. A crash course before you watch The Final Chapter TOMORROW. In cinemas nationwide 19 Jan.
Posted by Sony Pictures on Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The final Resident Evil movie (despite 5 years apart!) picks up immediately after Retribution where Alice is apparently the only survivor of the battle at Washington (sorry Jill, Leon & Becky). At this time there are only 4,472 uninfected humans left on the planet and on the very verge of extinction as Umbrella forces assemble for a final strike to wipe out everyone left around the world. Alice must return to where the nightmare began - The Hive in Raccoon City, to seek a cure / anti-virus. Helping once again is Claire plus a few new allies to put Wesker to rest once and for all.

Seriously, we know they will prevail. It's just how and who makes it to the end this chapter.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) Trailer:

Alice teams-up again with Claire and some new friends.

Sony Pictures released a special video below to promoting The Final Chapter. Titled "The Killing Floor" it provides viewers a 360-degree VR experience filled with gore and zombies. Mobile VR headset required!

Here are some exclusive photos from the Biohazard / Resident Evil exhibits at Tokyo Comic Con in December 2016:

Alice's new rags.

Costumes for other characters in the movie.

Zombie slaying weapons.

Alice has a new ride, courtesy of Umbrella Corporation and BMW.

Promo for the Biohazard video game.

For fanboys and fangirls of the Resident Evil saga, the Outpost Movie Recon Team (M.R.T.) has tracked down the following promos for you to bring home a slice of the viral franchise.

MMcineplexes has a straightforward giveaway contest on their Facebook by just liking this post and answering a question. Join before 22 January to stand a chance to win some Umbrealla merchandise, including a real payung!

KLIPS has a bunch of movie premiums to giveaway as well. 

Over at GSC 1 Utama, a Resident Evil roadshow is taking place offering their customers to experience the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard video game on Sony Playstation VR. The fastest participants to complete the demo stand a chance to win movie premiums and Sony products, including a Playstation 4!

Video game enthusiasts may wish to note that this Resident Evil 7 video game releases next week and is completely not related to the movie franchise.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens in cinemas nationwide 19 January 2017.

We also take this opportunity to wish our followers a
Happy Lunar New Year!

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Monday 9 January 2017

Live The Movies in Warner Bros. Movie World Australia

Welcome to the World of Movies on the Gold Coast, Movie World!

Warner Bros. Movie World brings the magic and excitement of movies to life. It is a place where the whole family can enjoy, where you become lost in a world of fun and fantasy, meeting your favourite stars and superheroes, and experience the exhilaration of world class adventure rides, movie attractions and an array of stunning shows.

Welcome to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia! The world's only Movie World down under is located about 20 minutes drive from the city center of Surfer's Paradise. Movie World covers  an area of 415 acres, roughly the equivalent of 154 soccer fields or 8 times the size of our very own KLCC park. Movie World offers 18 rides and other attractions for all ages. Opened in 1991, Movie World celebrated it's 25th Anniversary in 2016.

It's Christmas in Movie World!
Planning your sights around the show times helps you cover more of the theme park!

DC Thrill Rides

Once entering Movie World the first thing that catches your eyes are the gigantic thrill rides all situated just inside the entrance. This makes it really appealing to take a ride or two before exploring the rest of Movie World. Beat the queues by arriving just as the park opens, otherwise spend an hour or more lining up for the more popular rides. The Superman Escape and Arkham Asylum rides are notorious for long queues that test one's sanity for a thrilling payoff on the roller coasters that lasts a minute or less.

The Justice League 3D ride is of particular interest where one gets to help the Justice League fight against galactic villain, Starro the Conqueror. A laser blaster is provided to riders to shoot at the enemies resembling cyborg starfishes. Points are scored for each successful “kill”which could be used to compare among friends to determine the Justice League's greatest ally!

The Hall of Justice upon entering Justice League 3D
Cyborg giving instructions to riders
Riders getting ready to battle evil cyborg starfishes!

Batmobile from Batman Forever

The classic Batmobile from Michael Keaton's Batman

The Batwing Spaceshot. Just like Genting's Solero Shot when it was still around.

May The Force Be With You All!

An (almost) overlook of the Arkham Asylum Ride

Asylum Seekers!

The Superman Escape Ride

One of the newest attractions introduced at Movie World is the DC Supervillians Unleashed zone. This is an alternate world where the supervillains have won and are celebrating their victory destroying parts of a physical Gotham City. Among notable supervillains present there are Lex Luthor, Joker and Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and Bizzaro. A special Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) wristband is available for purchase to allow augmented reality activation at the scene of each villain to enhance interactions. For example,  triggering the exhibit with the Joker will set of an explosive “bang” from the villain's assortment of trick devices, whilst for Poison Ivy it will have her monstrous plants fume noxious gases.

Is it really good to be bad? In this part of the park it is!

RFID wristbands for sale at the store located at the entrance of DCSU zone.

"How to be bad"

Lex Luthor spotted stealing electricity. Teach us! TNB bills are killing us. LOL

Recognise them?
Gorilla Grodd strutting his stuff

Frozone, is that you?! Wait, that's just Captain Cold!

Prepare to be blasted with sewage juice

Poison Ivy's idea of Paradise
For thrill-seekers, allow a full day to catch most (if not all) the rides.

Mostly populated with shops selling movie memorabilia and restaurants, the main open area is littered with surprise visits by renowned WB characters like Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Joker, etc. At exactly 3.30pm every afternoon, the main street will make way for the Star Parade showcasing characters on thematic floats as well as the iconic Batmobile. 

Plenty of shops offering refreshments & souvenirs on Main Street

The Outpost M.R.T with part of the Justice League

Jack Nicholson's Joker having a ball pranking park visitors

Catwoman resting on a car, coying visitors for a photo opportunity. Meow!

This dude is star-struck!

Austin Powers YEAHHHHH BABY!

The Kids' WB Fun Zone provides attraction themed for young kids which often do not meet the minimum height  requirements for thrill rides. There are Looney Tunes rides for kids like the Driving School where younglings can drive through a mini version of Movie World. Looney tunes characters will also make appearances throughout the day for photo opportunities. 

The entrance in Kids' WB! Fun Zone

She did saw a puddy-tat!

Twirling Cages

Feel free to cool off!

Look, it's Movie World IN Movie World. What?!

Everything looks like a step back in time to the Wild Wild West. The main ride sends thrill seeks on a log-like roller coaster careening down a river and get drenched. And nothing beats getting wet on a hot, sunny day! Other amusements include carnival games, an arcade, and bumper cars.

Enter Wild West Falls

Souvenir shop (pictured left) & Entrance to the Log Ride (pictured middle)

Gravestones of the young and departed

Warning: You Will Get Wet

Must-See Shows:

Hollywood Stunt Driver

With only a few schedule performances each day, the Hollywood Stunt Driver show is not one to be missed!  Arrive at least 30 minutes before showtime to get the best possible view from the middle section for the widest possible coverage. Members of the audience will be chosen randomly to be filmed as the protagonist, antagonist and the flag bearer of each show. A camera person will film the audience member in action  then they will be inserted into a movie styled trailer. Stunt drivers will then act out the scenes  live for the audience performing street car stunts. The smell of burning rubber (from tyres) is real!

The view from where we sat

Let's go!

Good old chase scene with plenty of burning rubber

Thank you for the show!

This is the place to watch your old beloved Looney Tunes character come to life on the big screen. There are only a few showtimes everyday so do remember to check when is the next screening so you do not miss it. Once inside, you will be lead into a cinema hall with 3D glasses with free seating. During the show your seat will bounce, shake, and spray mists of water unto you simulating the zany antics that will happen to Wile. E. Coyote when his ACME products malfunctions.

Looney Tunes 4D

All Star Parade

The All Star Parade features all your favourite characters, including the Justice League, Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc., Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes characters and more. At 3.30pm the main street will be cleaned for parade floats and vehicles which include the “Tumbler” Batmobile from The Dark Knight movie trilogy. There is also a King and Queen of the Star Parade offering kids to star in the parade itself. 

Bugs Bunny with the King & Queen of the day

Looney Tunes Rive Boat Float

It's Batman!

Supergirl, Green Lantern & Wonder Woman

Joker wins the float competition

The Parade concludes with a dance number performed by the Looney Tunes

See the Parade in action!

All-in-all, Movie World was a blast and it is definitely a place to go with friends and/or family.

1-day adult passes for Movie World costs AUD79.99 / RM262 but combo deals are available to add-on visits to other theme parks at Gold Cost: Sea World, Wet N Wild and Paradise Country. For instance topping-up AUD20 / RM65 entitles entry into 2 other parks, so plan your time well to make the best use of these packages. Visit their respective websites for more info & deals on passes.

For other theme park info, check out our recon recon for Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights and celebrating Star Wars Day May the 4th at LEGOLAND Malaysia. We also have convention reports from Supanova Brisbane Australia, Gen Con Indianapolis USA and more.

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