Thursday 24 November 2011

MySuperHeroes Discovered!

Thank you all heroes who attended the MySuperHero Talent Casting Contest at the Star Online Carnivale on 20 November 2011 at Tropicana City Mall. MySuperHero HQ Council has selected the following top heroes based on their popularity and "good deeds" at the Carnivale:

Boxing Gal

Captain Asia

Evil Street Warrior (supervillain)

Kung-Fu Maiden

Lady Silk

Pelita Hijau


Citizens! Your feedback is required to help determine who will be the Ultimate MySuperHero. Kindly like and post comments at the Facebook photo album at The top heroes will be awarded the following gadgets to assist in their fight for justice:

Winner "Ultimate MySuperHero" Grand Prize:
  • HTC Sensation Smartphone (worth RM1,799)
Runner-up "MySuperHero Sidekick" Prize:
  • CBTL Contata Single-Serve Beverage Espresso Coffee Machine (worth RM880)
Third placement "MySuperHero Back-up" Prize:
  • Body Shop Hamper
Consolation "Wannabe MySuperheroes" Prizes (5):
  • Movie Memorabilia (worth RM200)
So quickly rate your favourite heroes and post about their "good deeds" by 30 November 2011 for consideration by the MySuperHero HQ Council (the organiser judges) in selecting the winning heroes.

The MySuperHero team (3 top winners) will be announced on 2 December 2011. Prizes courtesy of HTC, CBTL, Body Shop, The Star Online and Outpost Events.

Note that public feedback will be considered by the judges but is not the sole determinant in the winning criteria. All decisions by judges are final and not subject to dispute.

Friday 18 November 2011

SuperHeroes reporting for duty at the Star Online Carnivale

MySuperHero offers Malaysians the opportunity to become SuperHeroes for the day at the Star Online Carnivale on this Sunday 20 November at Tropicana City Mall; details in preceding post.

SuperHeroes (left to right) Alpha Trooper, Lady Silk, Mind-Sculptor and Thunderstrike (front) reported for duty today to maintain order and justice at the Carnivale.

Come report for duty this Sunday 20 November, 11am to 7pm at the MySuperHero Talent Casting Contest at the Carnivale to stand a chance to win a HTC Sensation smartphone worth RM1,799, a CBTL Coffee Machine worth RM880, Body Shop vouchers and over RM1,000 worth of movie memorabilia. Costumes provided courtesy of Outpost Events. Details in our preceding post here. Download registration from here. Updates on Facebook:

MySuperHeroes cleaning-up annoying sparkly vampires and werewolves at Tropicana... a Good Deed for the day!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Have you got what it takes to be a SuperHero?

Join The Star Online Carnival MySuperHero Talent Casting Contest taking place at Tropicana City Mall, Sunday 20 November 2011, 11am to 7pm.

What if a dying alien space cop crash-landed along the coast of Terengganu? What if a mystical hammer imbued with godly powers landed in the plains of Sepang? What if a super-soldier serum was created in Universiti Hospital? What if YOU received these super-powers?

Become a Malaysian SuperHero at The Star Online Carnivale MySuperHero Talent Casting Contest and stand a chance to win some cool gadgets, plus potentially kickstart your career as a modelling talent.

Winner "Ultimate MySuperHero" Grand Prize:
  • HTC Sensation Smartphone (worth RM1,799)
Runner-up "MySuperHero Sidekick" Prize:
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Contata Single-Serve Beverage Espresso Coffee Machine (worth RM880)
Consolation "Wannabe MySuperheroes" Prizes (6):
  • Movie Memorabilia (worth RM200)

Over RM3,800 worth of prizes courtesy of HTC, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Star Online and Outpost Events.


1. This contest is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 and above. There is no fee to participate.

2. Participation is strictly limited to casting sessions scheduled at The Star Online Carnivale at Tropicana City Mall, main concourse, on Sunday 20 November 2011 between 11am to 7pm. Limited casting sessions may be available for pre-registered contestants on Friday 20 November 2011.

3. Participants are encouraged to pre-register by e-mailing the following particulars by Thursday 17 November, 12pm noon:
a. Name (following NRIC)
b. Age
d. Contact number (mobile)
e. Height (cm), weight (kg), shoe size (UK)
f. Self-photo, portrait & full-body (limit size to less than 100kb)

Only qualified applicants will be contacted with a scheduled casting session time and issued an official contestant registration form. Submission does not guarantee selection as a contestant; if you do not receive a reply means that you were not selected.

On-site registration will only be available for remaining casting session times (if any). In event all casting session times are full, qualified contestants may join waitlist and standby as potential substitute.

4. Qualified contestants are required to report-in at the MySuperHero booth at least 30 minutes before their scheduled casting session time. Contestants failing to report-in may be substituted by qualified contestants on standby without offer of replacement session.

5. Contestants will be provided a superhero-inspired costume for photo shoot at the booth studio. Costumes are allocated by the organiser without prior consultation. Contestants which decline costumes automatically forfeit from the contest. The photo shoot will be individual as well as group and should not exceed 30 minutes.

6. Qualified contestants may also where their own superhero-inspired costumes and are required to include self-photo in complete costume as part of particulars submitted for pre-registration as per item 3 above. Costumes must be suitable for public presentation by social norms and exclude any real weapons or props of close likeness.

7. Following the photo shoot, contestants will tour the shopping mall in costume and attempt to perform "good deeds" for shoppers to raise their popularity. Examples of "good deeds" include helping to carry shopping, pick-up litter, entertaining children, etc. and generally posing for photo opportunities on request. Recipients of "good deeds" will be informed to give positive feedback to finalist contestants to determine winners. The shopping mall tour should not exceed 30-45 minutes.

8. After the talent casting sessions, the organisers will shortlist 8 contestants as finalists for public opinion via online media by 23 November 2011.

9. The organisers will announce MySuperHero winners in early-December 2011, taking into consideration public opinion received until 30 November 2011. Organiser's decisions are final and not open for dispute.

10. By participating, all contestants hereby agree to allow organiser to use their photos for publicity and media coverage. All contestants will receive selected photos (softcopy) from the casting session in due course.

11. Contestants are solely responsible for their own conduct, well-being and security of their personal belongings during the casting sessions and discharge the organisers of any potential claims which may arise.

12. The organiser retains the right to revise the contest mechanics and regulations without prior notice.

SDCC - DC Heroes and Villains 3
The Avengers
Marvel horde
The above photos are indicative cosplay only and remain copyright of their respective owners.