Thursday 4 November 2021

Fans of the Force and weebs must collect these official figurines from Star Wars Visions


Were you blown away by Star Wars Visions? Does the Star Wars fan in you scream for merchandise from this anime?

Well Banpresto by Bandai has heard calls from weebs like you and will be releasing figurines of three iconic characters from the anthology next year in middle of 2022.

In “The Duel” set in an alternate history, after a war between the Feudal-Jedi Empire and a renegade Jedi sect called the Sith, a lone wanderer known only as the Ronin (voiced by Brian Tee) witnesses a legion of former stormtroopers attempt to besiege a small village. The Ronin fights the leader of the bandits, a self-declared Dark Lord of the Sith (Lucy Liu). Source: Wikipedia

The Ronin figurine captures the anime style seen in The Duel standing 25cm tall and priced at RM290.

In “The Twins” set during the aftermath of the Empire's defeat, remnants of the Imperial military construct two conjoined Star Destroyers mounting a superlaser capable of destroying planets. Using Sith alchemy, they also create two Force-sensitive biological twins named Karre (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) and Am (Alison Brie). Trained in the dark side of the Force, the Twins eventually become the leaders of the Imperial remnant and plan to use their superweapon to destroy the New Republic.

Figurines for the Twins Karre and Am will stand around 18cm tall and priced at RM175.

Product Highlights

Original Bandai product under Banpresto line licensed by Lucasfilm.

Figurines scaled to impress at 18 to 25 cm tall (7 to 10 inches).

Sculpted to capture anime style of Star Wars Visions.

Releasing in June 2022. Estimate arrival to Malaysia in July.

Must have for Star Wars and anime fans.

These figurines are non-articulated for collectors ages 13 years and above.

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Banpresto Star Wars Visions THE DUEL: RONIN (ABP18267)
Retail price RM290
Pre-Order price RM260*, save RM30
(pre-order deposit RM50)

Banpresto Star Wars Visions THE TWINS: KARRE (ABP18265) & AM with helmet (ABP18266)
Retail price RM175 each
Pre-Order price RM155 each*, save RM20
(pre-order deposit RM30 each)

Combo deal for both Twins: Pre-Order price RM300*, save RM50

Balance payment will be due upon arrival of stocks estimated in July 2022.

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