Friday 1 April 2011

Outpost Academy is now open for Enrolment

Level-up at Outpost Academy, now open for enrolment to provide the necessary skills and mindset before active Starship duty. Cadets graduating from this 3-month training programme will be Officer material for Ensign and Lieutenant J.G. postings. Enrol NOW, limited placements available and only for qualified candidates!

Executive Development Programme - Level 0: Foundations

This "Foundation" level programme provides work-enhancement skills and personal development for employees entering Executive positions in SMEs.

Often employees hired as Executives or thrust into these positions do not have clear understanding on their job scope nor are provided skills necessary for their performance to meet management expectations, particularly for SMEs without comprehensive HR practices. Failure of Executives may indeed be more related to mismatch of employee work attitude and self-development shortcomings instead of insufficient technical skills provided by education.

The programme is intended for employees to develop skill sets which should be pre-requisites of Executive level positions. It is conducted in weekly tutorials over 3 months whereby programme participants can directly apply learned techniques into their jobs with opportunity for on-going review. Participants who develop positive habits will gain marked improvement in job performance and future success in their career.

  • Junior Executives (less than 6 months experience).
  • Non-Executives aspiring for Executive-level positions.
Suitable participants are generally expected to be within 21-25 years of age.

Programme Content:
  1. Personal Efficiency Program (PEP): How to get organised to do more work in less time.
  2. Self-Improvement: Profiling, Time Management, Communication..
  3. Career Development: Job Scope, Performance, Evaluation, Planning.
  4. Financial Planning: Income Statement, Budgeting, Networth Simulation.
Tutorials conducted every Monday at 8pm (1-1.5 hours), may be subject to change.
Participants will be given weekly exercises and expected to participate in experiential learning.
Completion may follow-on to Executive Development Programme - Level 1 (tentatively commencing August 2011).

Dates & Duration:
12 weeks starting 11 April to 27 June 2011.

No. 7-2 (1st floor), Jalan SS23/11,
Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia,
Earth, Sol System, Sector 001

Valued at RM1,000 now given FREE.
However participants who fail to complete the programme may be subject to financial penalty.

Participant Pre-requisites:
  • Diploma or Degree in any field.
  • Currently employed in SME; fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
  • Good English written and spoken.
  • Openess for critical self-reflection and willingness to change.
Maximum of 5 progamme participants only, selected by Programme Facilitator.

Programme candidates are required to submit the following documents for selection review:
1. Latest resume / CV.
2. Tertiary education certificate (diploma & degree) with results and course outline.
3. SPM results.
4. Current employment letter and job description.
5. List of top 3 problems at work.
6. List of top 3 goals for personal development.
7. Write-up on "Why do you want to join the Executive Development Programme?" (min half A4-size page).
Send submissions via e-mail to (limit image files <100kb) before Friday 8 April 2011. Only successful candidates will be contacted for further arrangements.

Programme Facilitator:

Outpost Commander Richard Chua has over a dozen years of varied work experiences spanning a career in some of the top MNCS and managing his own business in multiple industries. After studying Civil Engineering and Commerce, he has held executive & management positions at the top German, American and Australia MNCs in their respective fields, working in business development, sales, technical design and project management. Although he has no formal education as a trainer, he has attended numerous corporate training programmes as well as been through the hard-knocks of building a business from scratch, gaining invaluable hands-on learning experience in the process. The Executive Development Programme is personally designed and facilitated by Richard based on his real-world experiences and attempts to foster better Executives through extended mentoring which seems lacking in commercial 1-2 day corporate training programmes.

Look-up the Outpost Commander at his Blog, Facebook or Twitter.