Tuesday 19 October 2010

Costumes for Halloween

Halloween 2010 is just around the corner now on Sunday 31 October. This year's Halloween festivities are likely to be taking place on Saturday night (for adults) and Sunday afternoon (for kids). Dress up is essential for Halloween parties around town. Here are some costume ideas...

Action heroes from movies, video games, comics and cartoons.

Be a 'Star' from one of the "Star..." movies. 

Wield magic as a wizard or be a charming elf.

And don't leave home without the right tools for your costume.

Outpost Toys sells a selection of role-play products and props like Hasbro's Star Wars lightsabers and helmets, as well as Playmate's Star Trek Phasors, Tricorders and badges. Drop in or call 03-77100562 to check whether we have products in-stock.

Outpost Services also provides assistance with costumes. Call 03-77100562 or e-mail services@outpost.com.my.

Wishing all an out-of-this-world Halloween!