Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NERF Vortex Pyragon Review

Thanks to Hasbro Malaysia, our NERF Specialists received the latest NERF Vortex Pyragon for field testing... literally! Here are some unboxed photos of the new Vortex blaster in the field:

New white-grey and colour scheme of the Vortex Pyragon matches well with the Dart Tag orange jersey.

This blaster is user friendly for both right & left handed NERFers, which dual-sided grips and clip release tabs on both sides of the blaster.

The ammo barrel is the highlight of this blaster, able to store 40 discs in auto-rotating chambers (otherwise imagine a 40-disc long clip sticking out below like a pole). After filling up 20-discs, slide a tab to rotate to the next ammo chamber in the drum.

The Pyragon fires discs much like the Praxis (sorta based on the same design) and doesn't differ by range or accuracy. The other highlight is that the Pyragon allows slam-fire for rapid discharge of 40 discs to literally swarm your enemies! The forward grip is comfortable to hold and allows high-speed slam-firing without any discs jamming during testing, as long as users slide the handle all the way and back to prime each shot.

Check out this video for slam-fire in action from both the gunner's and target's point of view. Accuracy-wise, we achieved at least a few headshots on "Toby"! Other good news is that colour scheme of the discs has also changed from green to orange, so finding discs in the park grass is now much easier.

Under firing range test, the majority of the 40-disc swarm from the Pyragon seem to land around 57 feet / 17.4 metres when fired slightly angled up. Range evidenced in photo below, although numbers of the tape is quite hard to see in this photo's resolution. But at least the orange discs are easier to spot than green!

The Pyragon works with most NERF stocks, seen here with the Praxis stock.

Colour-wise, the Super Soaker stock blends better, and the Pyragon also sits nicely upright using the ammo drum as a stand.

So it's a thumbs-up on the NERF Vortex Pyragon from our Outpost NERF Specialists and look forward to finding these blasters soon at a toy stores in Malaysia.

Test-fire for yourself the NERF Vortex Pyragon and other new blasters at the upcoming NERF Dart Tag Tournament Malaysia on 8th and 9th September 2012.

It's NERF or Nothin'!

NERF and associated product trade names are copyright to Hasbro Inc.

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