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Frequently Asked Questions about NERF Dart Tag Tourmanent

To address the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the forthcoming NERF Dart Tag Tournament on 8 & 9 September, here are the first compilation of answers to help clarify on the matters concerned:

How to register a team?
Register each player separately on the online registration form using the same team name. Each team will comprise exactly 4 players.

I don't have a team, can I still join?
If you do not have enough players to form a team, then do not register with a team name and you will be matched with other solo players to form a team of 4. If you want to be on the same team with friends, but cannot form a complete team of 4 players, follow these 2 options:
a. 2 players (e.g. friends or siblings) paired: register with the other player's name under team, e.g. Tan Ah Kow & Mohd Ali on the same team, then Tan Ah Kow will register with Mohd Ali under team, and vice versa; both players must be in same category.
b. 3 players: register each player under same team name and the 4th player will be allocated from solo player registrations to form a team of 4.
Members of the NERF Community Malaysia Facebook Group may solicit online for other players to form a team.

How do I know if I've been selected for the tournament?
Successfully registered players by 31 August 2012 will be notified by e-mail and SMS between 3 to 5 September 2012 to RSVP. Please ensure your contact particulars are provided correctly. Players who do not RSVP forfeit their participation.

UPDATE, September: I've missed the registration deadline. How can I still join?
For Open Category tournament, registration has been extended until Saturday 8 September 2012, 6pm for participation by purchase redemption of new NERF Elite range and NERF Vortex Pyragon blasters only, which are now available for purchase in September onwards.
For Kids Category tournament, registrations are still accepted on waitlist basis. In event selected players cannot be contact or fail to RSVP within deadline, waitlist players will be contacted to substitute. Minimum RM50 purchase of NERF products still apply.

Which toy stores are qualified for purchase redemption?
All outlets of the toy stores listed on the online registration form pull-down menu are qualified for purchase redemption. Other qualified toy stores must be physical retail outlets selling official Hasbro products, which may be identified by the sticker with "MC" logo and "Distributed by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. No. 6F / 8 & 9, Pusat Perdagangan IOI, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan". All toy stores must issue a receipt clearly identifying NERF products.
Please be reminded to submit scanned image of your qualified receipt to complete your online registration; instructions given after submitting particulars. Failing to do so will disqualify your registration and you will not receive notification of being selected. Your original receipts must be presented at the tournamnet for verification otherwise players forfeit participation.

Is there any other way to participate other than minimum RM50 purchase from toy stores?
No. However if there are still places available and/or players drop-out on tournament day, there may be opportunity for standby players to immediately substitute. Verification of RM50 minimum purchase receipt will still be required, which may also be obtained by on-the-spot purchase from the NERF sales booth at the tournament.

Are NERF blasters provided?
Yes, each team will be provided a full set of NERF Dart Tag blasters for matches: Swarmfire, Speedswarm, Speedload, Snapfire, Sharpshot. Velcro darts and batteries for auto-fire blasters are also included.

What to wear for the tournament?
Official NERF Dart Tag jerseys and Vision Gear protective eye-wear are provided for players during matches as compulsory attire; players may opt to use own protective eye-wear. It will be necessary to swap jerseys with other players between matches. Please wear a t-shirt under the jerseys to retain sweat. If you do not want to share the jerseys, you may bring your own (both blue and orange colours if available).
Other than the above, wear comfortable sports pants and shoes.

Do I need to be at the tournament for 2 days?
No, the tournaments are conducted in separate sessions. Kids Category for players ages 8 to 13 years will take place on Saturday 8 September 2012, 2pm to 5pm. Open Category for players ages 14 years and above will take place on Sunday 9 September 2012, 2pm to 5pm. Selected players will be notified with further tournament instructions and itinerary.

What is the tournament format?
Each session will involve 10 to 12 teams playing round robin matches where all teams play off against at least 3 other teams. After these preliminary rounds, top 4 teams based on match scoring will compete in semi-finals, then by elimination to the top 2 team to complete in the finals to determine the winner.

Where is the location?
Allrounder Indoor Soccer is a futsal centre located along Jalan 19/1 in Section 19, Petaling Jaya. It is immediately next to Wisma Academy and short distance from the Toyota showroom and 32 Square. The lot frontage looks like a Snooker Centre. Kindly proceed down the lane on the right towards the back of the building to access the futsal centre. Free parking is available on weekends.

What are the prizes?
List of prizes have now been posted here.

How do I get the latest updates on the tournament?
Please subscribe to the tournament blog site by using your Gmail account to be a Follower.
Alternatively members of Facebook can join the Event Page. Further questions should be posted on this Event Page for next compilation of FAQs to be answered.

Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends. Stay safe on the roads this festive season and return for more NERF action!

NERF and its associated trade names are copyright to Hasbro Inc. used with permission by Outpost Events as the appointed agency by Hasbro Malaysia to organise the NERF Dart Tag Tournament Malaysia 2012.

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