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Blood Goes To War - Underworld Prequels Revisited

The Underworld franchise as we know is coming to an end (or is it?) with this year's release of Blood Wars and Selene seems on track again, in danger of her own life to end the war. Back with smokey grey hair-ends, it's definitely her rendition of "Winter is Coming!"

Selene in Underworld Blood Wars (2016)

The Underworld franchise pioneered the Gothic action genre that we have grown to love so much today, had not much of a loving beginning. The early years of the new millennial housed still-conservative movie and comic buffs alike and did spark some mixed reactions when the first film titled simply "Underworld" released in 2003.

Underworld (2003)
Kate Beckinsale plays Selene, a young Death Dealer vowed to eliminate the Lycans whom allegedly murdered her family. She discovers the pursuit of a human, Michael Corvin by the lycans and later uncovers a plot to destroy the Vampire Elders, and a shocking revelation about her father figure Elder, Viktor.

Selene learns that vampires and lycans are not supernatural creatures, but rather the product of a virus. It is later revealed that Alexander Corvinus is the first in both lines, the only survivor in his village after a plague hit and his body was able to mutate and accommodate the virus - thus giving him "immortality". Alexander gave birth to 3 sons, 1 bitten by a bat, 1 bitten by a wolf each creating the first lines of vampires and lycans. His third son did not inherited such trait but has the Corvinus strain within his blood - that over time developed the Hybrid strain.

Selene confronts Viktor towards the end of the film realising that it was him that slaughtered her family when she was a little girl, and ultimately slices Viktor in half. Selene and Michael flees the estate to avoid pursuit from the coven.

Underworld (2003) Movie Trailer:

Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Evolution picks up after the battle between Selene and Michael against Viktor, where they seek refuge in a vampire safe house as they plan to return to Viktor's estate to awaken the last Vampire Elder - Markus. Little did they know that he has already been awakened by the blood of Singe - the dead scientist. 

Markus isn't keen to help Selene, after "reading" Singe's blood and wants to steal Selene's memories for personal gains. While on the run, Selene and Markus discover that Markus is actually the first vampire of the Corvinus strain, and intends to free his imprisoned brother, the first werewolf - William. Markus succeeded in freeing William but they were both laid to waste by Selene with the help of Alexander Corvinus' private military contractors, before they could escape the old castle.

Underworld Evolution (2006) Trailer:

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
Before Lycans could alternate between human & werewolf form, they were savage and uncontrollable beasts, once bitten. Rise of the Lycans tells the story of Lucian, a human-like baby born into the werewolf line. Lucian was special. He carried a mutation of the original virus allowing him to alternate human & werewolf forms.

Lycans were slaves to the Vampires at night, and guardians by day. However Viktor's daughter Sonja and Lucian fell in love and became pregnant. To prevent the blending of the species, Viktor killed Sonja, and that led a revolt against the Vampires by Lucian by summoning his Lycan & human army. The force overpowered the vampires of which most of the are killed, which left Viktor fleeing from the scene, only to be confronted by Lucian. Lucian traps Viktor by exposing him to shafts of sunlight and stabs him through the mouth and pushed down into the waters, thinking he was dead.

Oh Contrary.

Lucian would later strike a deal with Vampire Kraven to eliminate the Vampire Elders, thus ending the war. But as usual, mistrust and duplicity caused a fall through and the two lines continue to war.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) Trailer:

Underworld: Awakening (2012)
Underworld Awakening picks up 12 years after the events of Evolution. Selene wakes up in a cryogenic chamber, only to discover humans are now aware of both Vampires & Lycans and have been taking actions to eradicate both species. Trapped in a facility she attempts to escape with the help of someone else's point of view. The person is later revealed to be Selene & supposedly-deceased Michael's daughter - Eve. Both Selene and Eve has the ability to see through each others' eyes.

Selene and Eve were shunned by the coven and they did not want anything to do with her, besides surrendering her to the Lycans. With the help of another vampire David, Selene soon discovers the creature-hunting company Antigen is run by Lycans in human form with the goal of tricking the humans to think the Lycans to be extinct, so they can eliminate the Vampires. She soon face Antigen's experimental beast - a super-Lycan. Selene comes across "Subject 0" and realises its Michael and attempts to free him by shooting at his cryogenic tank. They were then chased by lycans forcing them to flee the scene. Selene returns only to find the tank empty and vows to search for him before they (lycans) do.

Underworld: Awakening (2012) Trailer:

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)
Selene continues to strive for survival & her vow to find Michael as the Vampires and Lycans are hot on the pursuit of her and her daughter Eve's blood to become the Corvinus-Hybrids, whom Michael Corvin (lover of Selene) was the first to display this strain.

Now hunted by her own kind & the Lycans, lead by a new leader Marius, she seeks closure with her new found abilities, with the help of Michael's blood granting her "super vampire abilities". 

Blood Wars is now showing in all cinemas nationwide.

Blood Wars Trailer:

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