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Mission STGCC

Towards the tail end of Hollywood summer season, choices for our kind of fan movies to feature were limited. So the Outpost Movie Recon Team (MRT) undertook an Away Mission instead to the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention (STGCC). Held this year again in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, STGCC was packed loads with pop culture geekdom over the weekend of 31 August & 1 September 2013.

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (left) hosted STGCC for the 2nd year.

View of Hot Toys Iron Man exhibition, Walk of Fame, and Main Stage.

As evident over the entrance arch into STGCC, Marvel was on board this year in a big way thanks to its new partnership with Disney. Aside from generous loads of freebies every hour, Marvel also presented guests to share with fans their latest offerings in Comics, Animation and Games. Meet & greet sessions with Marvel artists like Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men, Battlechasers) and Adi Granov (Iron Man Extremis) also provided photo opportunities and autographs for fans to take home.

The Marvel booth.

Freebies for Marvel fans every hour.

The Marvel Panels also provided interesting insight into their artists and production process. Audience members pitching good questions even scored freebies, like invites to a special Marvel Showcase event screening previews of upcoming shows like Agents of Shield. One particularly good question:
Fan: "Is Marvel considering a reboot like DC's 52?"
Marvel representative C.B. Cebulski: "No, because our universe isn't broken."

Marvel Panel with C.B. Cebulski.

Marvel Panel with comic artist Joe Madureira.

Joe Mad autograph session.

Marvel cosplayers gather at the booth stage.

One particular Marvel character featuring more prominently than any other in STGCC was Iron Man as another variant of extremis has gripped numerous memorabilia companies to take up the licence and showcase their Stark products. With companies like Hot Toys & Play Imaginative showcasing legions of Iron Men, one could be mistaken for thinking they walked into Stark Expo!

Hot Toys 1:1 scale Iron Man Hall of Armour.

Upcoming 1:6 scale Iron Man franchise figures from  Hot Toys .

And it seems after 3 movies, Iron Man is still hot property with loads of collectors camping overnight to get hold of the Hot Toys Iron Man "Midas" limited edition 1:6 figure; we hear there was even a fight over these?! Alas, it's all high-end Iron Man collectibles with nothing of the Armored Avenger being sold for small change as even an Iron Man stamp collection came to SGD45.90! Perhaps Hasbro to be present next time to service the mass market toy fans and kids. Here's our photo snapshot of the Iron Men selection (if we took one of every Iron Man figure, there would be hundreds!):

Tony Stark's Malibu mansion workshop in 1:6 scale by Hot Toys.

The Armour Vault.

New Iron Man licensee Play Imaginative showcasing their Super Alloy series of collectible figures.

Lots of different Iron Man mark 1 to 42 and beyond.

Super Alloy's Mark 42 figure with Pepper Pots piloting.

Super Alloy's War Machines.

Life-style Iron Man statues brought in by Simply Toys available for purchase.
Yes, that guy on the right is really tall!

1:1 scale War Machine Mark II statue.

Now onto recon of some non-Iron Men eye-candy:

Spider-man epic battles toy showcase at the Marvel booth.

Enterbay's NBA series of collectible figures.

STGCC exclusive Titan-class Metroplex is HUGE!

Preview of upcoming X-Wing miniatures.

Sideshow Megatron statue.

Play Imaginative also has Super Alloy DC 52 characters.

Super Alloy Green Lantern looking good.

Hot Toys upcoming Man of Steel line.

Hot Toys classic Robocop line.

"So how's the Shawarma?"

For Star Wars fans, the massive Battle of Endor display by StarWars.SG would have provided some relieve from overdose of Iron Men. The 3.75in scale display primarily of Hasbro Star Wars toys also included some funny "easter eggs" to delight movie fans; see if you spot them below: 

Cosplay was abundant at STGCC and well populated with Western pop culture cosplayers. Cosplay celebrities Vampy Bit Me from US and Aza from Korea were present for meet & greet with fans as well as share more about themselves during the Cosplay Panel. Here are only a selection of cosplay caught on camera by our MRT Away Team:

Cosplay Celebrity Vampy Bit Me appearing as Jun the Swan of Gatchaman.

Marvel / DC Crossover.

1:1 scale "live" Iron Man!

The Hobbit and Dwarves stop by STGCC en route to the Lonely Mountain.

Daring cosplay as Game of Thrones character everyone loves to hate.

All hail Loki!

Tactical cosplayers or escorts of cosplay celebrities?

Arrow vs. Deathstrike.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!

What's that up this @$$?

Hmm... yeah... bizarre cosplay.

Even pets get to cosplay!

Check out more (higher quality) photos on our Facebook Photo Album.

There's no shortage of stuff to buy from STGCC, only perhaps a shortage of limited edition products no thanks indeed to presence of scalpers aplenty! Other than the anchor exhibitors, toy retailers in the bazaar section provided a wider variety of new to vintage toy collectibles. Bargains were also found as much swag was spotted leaving the convention.

No doubt there was much more happening that our MRT team overlooked but there seemed to be no shortage of fandom over the 2 days at STGCC. To share some of the loot with our fans, Outpost latest giveaway from STGCC is a Thor Dark World Poster together with Marvel button badges and postcards. Just use PunchTab below by 16 September 2013 to stand a chance to win these giveaways.

Till 2014... Mighty Marvel!
(hope that gets DC to jump into the bandwagon next year)

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

1. This online giveaway promo commences 7 September until 16 September 2013.

2. Participation is open to all residents in Malaysia. Outpost Events personnel are not eligible to participate.

3. Winner will be randomly selected among qualified participants. Each entry method via Punchtab increases chances for selection.

4. Winner will notified within 7 days of promo closing for giveaway collection arrangements. If the winner does not response within 14 days of notification, the giveaway may be awarded to next qualified participant.

5. Outpost as the organiser reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Thank you for participating.

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