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Bringing The Force to LEGOLAND Malaysia

Recently the Outpost Movie Recon Team (MRT) participated in expeditions to LEGOLAND Malaysia in conjunction with launch of the Star Wars themed attractions. LEGOLAND Malaysia was officially opened in September 2012 and located at Nusajaya, Johor within the Iskandar development corridor. It is the first LEGOLAND theme park in Asia with over 40 interactive rides, show and attractions  The park comprises several thematic zones related to LEGO's major product lines such as Kingdoms, City, Technic, etc., circling the MINILAND centrepiece attraction where over 30 million LEGO bricks were used to recreate some of Asia's landmarks such as KLCC twin towers, Beijing's Forbidden City, Cambodia's Angkor Wat, India's Taj Mahal and more. Find out more from the official LEGOLAND Malaysia website.

Star Wars costumers greeting arriving media during launch.

The first expedition took place in late-July for the official unveiling of the LEGO Star Wars attraction in MINILAND. Team of Star Wars costumers from Kuala Lumpur were shuttled overnight to Johor to greet invited media at the morning press conference held in LEGO Academy. General manager of Legoland Malaysia, Mr. Siegfried Boerst, dressed in Jedi attire, presented key features of the new Star Wars attraction.

Force Action Stunt Team (FAST) perform lightsaber duel for media guests.

Members of the media were also treated to a lightsaber duel performance by members of Force Arts Stunt Team (FAST), before heading outdoors to tour the attraction highlight. Read more from the New Straits Times and The Star.

The Star Wars LEGO attraction in MINILAND.

Centrepiece to the Star Wars attraction in MINILAND is the Death Star model floating like a grey moon. The 2.6 diameter model weighs close to 800kg comprising over 750,000 LEGO bricks and taking 5 months to built. Encircling the Death Star is a Rebel X-Wing starfighter pursued by Imperial TIE Figthers.

The Death Star model is 2.6m diameter comprising over 750,000 LEGO bricks.

Accompanying this massive model are several LEGO dioramas depicting various scenes from the Classic Trilogy which took place in the Death Star, such as the epic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader in A New Hope, Luke Skywalker vs. The Emperor in Return of the Jedi, etc. Check out photos of the Star Wars attractions below:

Diorama of Trash Compactor scene from Episode IV A New Hope.

In the Death Star control room, Grand Moff Tarkin tricks Princess Leia into revealing location o the Rebel base.

Epic duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star.

Rebel X-Wing starfighter pursued by Imperial TIE fighters in the Death Star Trench Run.

Darth Vader in TIE Advance Fighter targets the lead X-Wing.

"Stay on Target!" Proton torpedoes fire into the exhaust port.

Scene from the Death Star II Throne Room in Episode VI Return f the Jedi.

Following the official launch, LEGOLAND Malaysia conducted a Star Wars Weekend in mid-August with thematic activities over 2-days. Teams of Star Wars costumers from Asia were also invited to attend and delight park visitors as live characters.

Possibly comprising the largest contingent of 501st Legion members in Asia, each day kicked off with an Imperial March lead by Darth Vader accompanied by ranks of Stormtroopers. Balancing The Force, Jedi and other lightsaber wielders from FAST and Fightsaber Singapore mirrored the Imperials, albeit in lesser numbers.

Cue the "Imperial March" as Darth Vader leads the 501st Legion.

501st Legion Stormtrooper contingent comprises members from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, & China.

Jedi and Sith from FAST & Fightsaber SG complement the Star Wars costumers parade.

Mass lightsaber duel among FAST & Fightsaber members.

Jango Fett and Clone Trooper from the 501st Legion.

Lone Rebel Fleet Trooper strikes down some Stormtroopers!

Throughout the day, costumers roamed the park providing photo opportunities with Star Wars and LEGO fans. Park visitors were also given "quest cards" leading them to the various Star Wars activities, collecting stamps to redeem giveaways by end of the day. FAST and Fightsaber also entertained the crowd with lightsaber performances and demonstrations in the LEGO City stage.

Lightsaber show at the LEGO City stage.

FAST members perform 4-way lightsaber duel of Jedi vs. Sith.

Kids are taught basic lightsaber wielding skills.

501st Legion prize awards for Droid Hunt.

Rebel Fleet Trooper strikes again!

LEGO Star Wars products were aplenty with a dedicated temporary shop setup at MINILAND. As the largest LEGO shop in Asia, much LEGO branded merchandise such as key chains, ice trays, display cases, apparel, etc. is also available but seldom found anywhere else. There is also opportunity to buy LEGO bricks by weight and customising your own mini-figures! However most merchandise are at regular prices comparable to local toy stores, except for occasional sale items.

Star Wars LEGO stall at the MINILAND zone.

While most products are at recommended retail price, some limited sales are to be found.

Assorted LEGO bricks sold by weight.

Make your own LEGO Mini-figure set.

To complete the Outpost MRT's mission report, we include some basic coverage on the regular LEGOLAND attractions as follows:

Theme park entrance to LEGOLAND.

Map of LEGOLAND. MINILAND is nested in the middle of other zones.

Aerial view of theme park. Upcoming LEGOLAND hotel seen in the far end.

LEGO replica of downtown Kuala Lumpur in MINILAND.

Replica of KL streets includes vehicles and people.

Spotted Monorail accident, which may or may not be intentional...

The infamous Petronas twin towers at KLCC.

Note a certain web-crawler swinging by KLCC.

Replica of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Spot "mini-stories" in the MINILAND replicas, like this gang of airport crew collecting fallen baggage.

Diorama of Putrajaya.

Cruise ship at Port of Tanjung Pelepas.

Singapore waterfront.

Angkor Wat of Cambodia.

The Taj Mahal.

The Forbidden City in Beijing seems to have a new "moon" over the horizon.

Note that the Death Star attraction is only scheduled to remain in LEGOLAND Malaysia for approximately 6 months before being shipped off to another park. Based on that timing, Star Wars LEGO fans should plan their visit by January 2014.

Darth Vader catches up with the pesky Rebel Fleet Trooper!

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