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The LEGO Batman Movie: Living in Bruce Wayne's Basement

The LEGO Movie (2014)

After successfully saving their kind from the evil President Business in The LEGO Movie 3 years ago, the producers thought it would be a good idea to make another movie to tell the hero's tale, of how he's not just an ordinary guy but an orphaned minifig, growing up alone with no mentor. Enter the LEGO Batman Movie.

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

Some say Batman's a vain and selfish vigilante who longs nothing more than his vanity. And the fact that Bruce Wayne lives in his attic gives him extra flare and bragging rights and ego. Check out the trailer below: 

However, with the addition of his adopted son (while drunk at a gala), Dick Grayson, Batman has to deal not only with crime & the Joker, but an overly enthusiastic, excited and loud sidekick who looks up to Batman as his dad and care giver. Talk about saving the world AND yourself from going BAT-$#!+ crazy!

Meet the "cast" of this new LEGO movie:

And Batman's arch-nemesis... NOT! (see trailer)

To understand more about the upcoming movie blasting into local cinemas this Thursday 9 February, watch the Behind-The-Bricks featurette narrated by Batman himself:

The Outpost Movie Recon Team (M.R.T) has found many goodies worth checking out if you're a fan of both LEGO & Batman (Duh!). First check out the official LEGO toys:

LEGO seems to have gone all-out releasing at least 13 building sets for this movie! Batman himself gets a playset of the Batcave (70909, RRP RM529.90) and a new Batmobile (70905, RRP RM299.90) plus what looks like a new flying machine called the Bat-Scuttler which looks like a mecha bat (70908, RRP 399.90).

Will this Batmobile be the next fan favourite?
Each of his villains like Joker, Penguin, Clayface, etc. receive their own building sets, usually based on a vehicle. They also come together in a massive playset of the Arkham Asylum (70912, RM799.90) available exclusively from Toys R Us in Malaysia.

Special launch event at Toys R Us for this exclusive LEGO Batman set.

Arkham Asylum (70912) contains lots of cute mini-figs.
Huge LEGO display of the Batman sets during the Toys R Us launch event.

The Bat-Scuttler (70908) looks pretty mean!
Penguin's ride is pretty classy: the Artic Roller (70911, RM179.90)
LEGO Batman also offers a series of blind-pack mini-figs with 20 variants of the cute characters to collect. However they are priced quite significantly higher at RM19.90 per pack compared to RM12.90 for the regular series. Happy "tikam"!

LEGO Batman 

"Tikam" away! Gotta catch 'em all!

Check online for more details and prices at the official LEGO Stores or Toys R Us Malaysia.

Whilst the Outpost M.R.T. does not endorse any particular retailer, if you are going to buy these toys anyway then consider doing so at the official LEGO Batman Movie Event now on at Mid Valley Megamall, East Atrium.

Buying directly at this event will entitle to a number of LEGO freebies depending on the amount spent. Firstly any purchase of of a LEGO Batman set will receive a sorta black flying vehicle inspired by the Dark Knight. We kinda think it looks like a MyVi with wings! However an assembly guide is not included with the bricks as purchasers seem to be encouraged to build them on-the-spot referring to laminated instructions (not to be removed).

This mini-build LEGO some free with any LEGO Batman set purchase.

Purchases over RM150 then receive an exclusive polybag (30523) of The Joker Battle Training. In addition, purchases over RM200 of any LEGO product receives a Limited Edition Year of the Rooster building set (40234). Considering the price of LEGO nowadays, it doesn't take more than 1 or 2 sets to exceed the threshold to receive all 3 of these goodies FREE! Toys R Us members will also collect points for their purchases.

Rooster, a potential new "bird" sidekick for Batman?

For those serious LEGO collectors, different giveaways seem to be offered by other retailers, such as this Phantom Zone polybag (30522) from Box of Bricks:

Anyway if LEGO is too pricey for the wallet, try winning some instead from these online contests by our local cinemas. Firstly GSC Cinemas has a fairly straightforward contest for their online members offering polybagged mini-figs, kids tshirts and more:

There will also be a "pop-up" store at GSC Pavilion KL this weekend from 9 February near the cinema.

Both MMcineplexes and Premium-X Cinema is offering similar merchandise up for grabs on their respective social media channels:

Over at MBO Cinemas, they are offering a LEGO Batman edition card for their All-Star membership (free). They are also encouraging cosplay of LEGO Batman movie characters and giving away building sets for submissions posted to Instagram. Good luck with that since we have hardly seen any LEGO cosplay locally!

Coming back to that official LEGO Batman Movie Event at Mid Valley Megamall, our on-ground recon has identified more activities for fans and families. Catch LEGO Batman & Robin live at any of the 5 schedule appearance sessions daily.

Dab! #CloseEnough

LEGO Batman & Robin with excited fans

Here's what else to see at the event located at the East Atrium just outside Aeon and Uniqlo and below Toys R Us.

Mid Valley Megamall, East Atrium, ground floor from 6-12 February 2017.

Special play area for kids (and adults?)

This Batman is up for selfies.

Bat's alternative attire.

Mini-stage screening movie trailer and clips.
The movie building sets are displayed to woo kids to empty their parents' wallets, or "poison" adults fans of LEGO. Courtesy of LOM LEGO User Group Malaysia, these sets have been setup as a fantastic action diorama with the respective movie vehicles and mini-figs arranged in action.

The Master Builders has even stretched their creativity to assembling 25 custom-build mini-dioramas depicting all forms of LEGO Batman inspired setups. Here's a only a sampling of the LEGO builds and do go see for yourselves the rest. Some are really LOL scenes!

25 LEGO Batman inspired mini-dioramas by members of LOM LUG Malaysia.

Robin, Batman and Joker playing arcade machine games.

The Penguin has Batman on ice.

Joker Coffee anyone?
For the photogenic, a free photo booth is available for instant pics with the LEGO Batman movie backdrop. But if you're more of a closet fan, like Batman with leaving his home, here's something for you too!

Free pics here.

Actual loot from the event including free photos.
#LEGOBatmanMovieMY #BuildSomethingBatmanMY
Find out more on what's happening here from the official event listing on Facebook.

Remember, you can always be yourself... unless you can be Batman!

LEGO Batman Movie in cinemas nationwide 9 February 2017.

Disclaimer: LEGO, Batman and other trademarks are copyright to The LEGO Group, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., and their respective owners, referenced here for fan service announcements without intent to infringe.

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