Monday, March 9, 2015

Revisiting Your Childhood Dreams with Cinderella

by contributing writer Michelle Chee

I remember as a child having a VHS videotape of Disney’s classic Cinderella animation from 1950 and watching it over and over again through the years. I can still remember until today how to sing ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ as well as remember the names of Cinderella’s mousey friends ( Jaq and Gus). I still remember as a child trying to recreate certain scenes from the movie including Cinderella’s attempt to balance trays on her head and walk up and down the stairs. Of course the Mumsies was not too happy with all these childish shenanigans and quickly put a stop to it. 

Wasn’t it every girl’s dream to run down the steps with a flouncy blue dress?

This year, whoever grew up with the famous classical Disney version of Cinderella will have a chance to relive their childhood fantasies by watching the live action movie starring Lily James and Richard Madden. Being a fan of the two renowned series which they represent (Lily James from Downton Abbey, Madden from Game of Thrones), I’m looking forward to seeing their on screen chemistry. Will it sizzle? Or will it fizzle?

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Anyhow, the trailers look promising enough. Even though it is based on the original 1950 story, viewers and fans should keep in mind that it is a reworking and therefore the resemblance would be rather loose and not strictly similar. I personally think the trailer carries a hint of something darker and more realistic compared to the original cartoon. Also, very few appearances by cutesy little creature companions this time:

The ladies of course would be going gaga over Richard Madden in one of his first golden screen appearances after his critically successful work on Game of Thrones. Here you get to see him as the archetypical prince charming who does a host of macho activities like horse riding, sword fighting and waltzing. Let’s not forget that clean shaven Richard Madden has the bluest eyes ever and the shiniest smile you can get lost in.

Those blue eyes and smile can melt any girl’s heart

Apart from our two visually appealing leads, the movie also stars Oscar award winner Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother and Lily James’ co-star on Downton Abbey, Sophie Mcshera as Drizella, one of the stepsisters. Holliday Grainger from the critically acclaimed series ‘The Borgias’ plays the other stepsister Anastacia and most exciting of all is a cameo from Helena Bonham Carter who plays the fairy Godmother. It seems the fairy godmother appears younger in the live movie version and doesn’t appear to sing any silly rhyming tunes. Here you can watch a tiny featurette that includes Helena Bonham Carter as the lively Fairy Godmother, who in this version seems to be a fan of heavy makeup:

On the homefront in Malaysia, the Outpost Movie Recon Team (M.R.T.) has sourced various brands are offering generous giveaways in conjunction with the movie’s release on March 12th 2015. We begin with the local cinemas chains whereby TGV Cinemas is offering the trip of a lifetime to meet Cinderella in person at Hong Kong Disneyland from their Watch & Win contest. Just watch Cinderella at TGV until March 26th 2015 and submit your entry online for chance to live this fairy tale:

Meanwhile MBO Cinemas and Cathay Cineplexes are offering F&B concession promos. With their Cinderella Combo priced at RM17 for large popcorn and drink, MBO is throwing in a complimentary crystal dome double-walled cup. And strange “fairy tales do come true” with minty blue gourmet popcorn flushed down by Revive from Cathay Cineplexes.

Astro customers with the Kidspack Subscription stand to win limited edition merchandise from AstroCircle. All you have to do is fill in your details and answer a simple question. If you are lucky entrant of the sequence number listed on their website, the prizes are yours. Contest runs until March 22nd.

Local beauty website is also having a Cinderella merchandise giveaway and contestants stand a chance to in T-shirts, caps, Bracelet watches, and pocket mirrors. Just follow the instructions on their website and walk away with prizes. Double your chances of scoring these movie merchandise from local blog KLIPS+ is giving away similar goodies.

Goodies for Cinderella fans
Kose Malaysia is promoting its Sekkisei line of products by giving away limited edition Cinderella phone plugs with every purchase of Sekkisei lotion, so you can visit their website to find out which retail outlets you can visit to get them.

So far, no local stores seem to be selling Cinderella live action movie merchandise, but you can ship products in from The Disney official website. There are dolls and figurines of Cinderella, the Evil Stepmother and Fairy Godmother, as well as costumes for kids and babies.

Lastly, of course, before we forget, the exclusive animated short ‘ Frozen Fever’ will only be shown with the feature length Cinderella movie in cinemas so fans are in for a double treat. The animated short tells the story of Anna’s plans to throw Elsa a birthday party and the chaos (plus fun) that ensues. Catch the trailer here:

Disclaimer: Cinderella and other trademarks are copyright to Walt Disney Pictures, and their respective owners, referenced here for fan service announcements without intent to infringe.

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