Monday, December 31, 2012

Cosplay Explosion at Comic Fiesta 2012


The 11th year of Comic Fiesta took place over the weekend of 22 & 23 December 2012 at KLCC Convention Centre. It was estimated that over 25,000 people visited Malaysia's largest ACG event with hundreds of cosplayers, possibly thousands, plus hoards of photographers. Cosplay photos from Comic Fiesta have already been spreading like wildfire online via social media channels. Some awesome, and some.... well, deserves some brownie points for effort and "bolas"... especially some cross-players that many make wish to erase from their memory banks!

Here's our small contribution to the "fire", but with focus more on movie-inspired costuming instead of anime-related cosplay. The following photos are in no way comprehensive of the entire event, or professional-level quality, and serves only as a sampling of sights from Comic Fiesta through the limited photo lens of our Outpost Away Team.
Iron Man Mark VII (The Avengers movie finale armour).
Judge Dredd (2012 movie version).

The Joker.

DC & Marvel Crossover taken with "Flash", Guy Gardner, War Machine and er, some "cowboy".

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man.
Spidey/Venom Teaser
Who wants a kiss from Venom?
(photo courtesy Crimotaku on flickr)
Having a fun time with Jack Frost.
Captain America, The First Avenger, ready for action.
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers together.

The Avengers together with Dato' Jimmy Choo and Danny Choo at Culture Japan;
the Choos are not cosplayers.

Gundam Unicorn! Yes it's anime but too awesome not to highlight!

Spidey with less-threatening looking Venom.
(photo courtesy Crimotaku on flickr)

War Machine and GI Joe's Snake Eyes.
Alternate Universe Venom.

Gals from World of Tanks with a new "man-tank".

Captain Jack out of time.
(photo courtesy of Crimotaku on flickr)

Rorschach from The Watchmen.
(photo courtesy of Crimotaku on flickr)

Deadpool takes a shot.
(photo courtesy of Crimotaku on flickr)
Oppa DP Style
 Marvel taunts DC, courtesy of Deadpool Oppa Gangnam style; nice DC line-up BTW!
(photo courtesy of Crimotaku on flickr)
More Deadpool mania.
(photo courtesy of Crimotaka on flickr)
Never too young to cosplay!
Thanks for viewing our gallery!
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