Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NERF Community Malaysia Dart Tag Competition

The first structured Dart Tag Competition for NERF Community Malaysia took place on Sunday 24 April, organised by Outpost Events and supported by Hasbro Malaysia. 40 participants young and not-so-old started gathering at AllRounder Futsal Centre, Petaling Jaya, from 9am to sign-in and prepare for the competition kicking off at 10am.

NERF Arena at futsal court
The 10 teams of 4 members each competing were (in no particular order):

Team Commandos

Red Scarf
Boleh Saja
C3 Boyz

All gear was provided for players comprising Dart Tag Furyfires with velcro darts and Dart Tag vests, wrist sleeves and Vision Gear protective eye-wear. Most teams pre-registered and were provided additional velcro darts as a tactical advantage.

Following modified Swiss-format tournament mechanics, each team played 3 matches against different teams with competition points rewarded to winners of that round. Winner of each timed match were determined by number of darts scored by each team against the opposing team by hitting their members (on velcro vests and wrist sleeves) or home base (velcro target board). Teams which devised effective strategies and worked well as a team were rewarded bonus competition points if they "overkill" opponents by doubling darts scored for the match.

After 15 matches over 2 hours, 2 teams with the highest competition points were selected for the finals: it was Shots vs. Commandos! The final match started slow as both teams played cautious, seeming to stalk opposing players until a sudden flurry of flying darts trying to tag each other. Shots ultimately emerged victorious by a narrow margin to win over RM500 worth of NERF Dart Tag products. Commandos as the runner-up team also took home over RM300 worth of assorted NERF products. Plus no team left empty handed either as all received a NERF Secret Strike blaster as consolation. All prizes courtesy of Hasbro Malaysia.

Look forward to more Dart Tag action at the next NERF Community Malaysia competition tentatively scheduled for July 2011. More photos of local NERF activities at NERF Community Malaysia on Facebook.

Outpost Events also organises NERF activities for private engagements such as kids parties and corporate team-building games. For enquiries, e-mail events@outpost.com.my.

N.B. NERF is a registered trademark owned by Hasbro and used here without intend to infringe on copyright. NERF Community Malaysia is a fan-based group not officially associated with Hasbro.

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